I’m Alan O Rourke, I have always had a great love of music, especially the banjo. My idol would have been the late great Barney McKenna, he could make a banjo sing.

Al’s Banjos, Guitars & Mandolins are completely handcrafted using only solid hardwoods. Every instrument is built with extreme dedication and attention to each and every detail, offering a beautiful and unique banjo to every customer.

I offer custom builds to order. Allowing you, the customer to choose which hardwood, tone, ring, skin, action an also will personalise the pearl inlays etc.

I build the instrument that you want, exactly how you want it. There are banjos, guitars & mandolins available in workshop for customers to try out. All of which are set up slightly different, which helps the customer choose what it is they want.

I also offer a repair service, contact us for more information.

Genuine handcrafted instruments

€2200 - €2600


€2200 – €2600


Tenor Banjos: €2950 – €4200
5 String Bluegrass: €3200 – €4200


€1200 – €1600


Pick Holders

Trinket Boxes

Harpt Jewellery Boxes

Tin Whistle Cases

Key Holders

Instrument Repairs & Maintenance

Instrument Warranty

  • All new Banjos, Guitars & Mandolins from Al’s Banjos come with a three year warranty.
  • The guarantee does not cover frets, banjo head strings, mishandling i.e. scratch marks, knocks etc.
  • It does cover faults in workmanship and hardware. Your handcrafted instrument should always be treated with respect.


We carry out repairs to Banjos, Guitars & Mandolins, contact us for more details.