Alan-als-banjosAlan has always loved all music. His first love however was the banjo. After learning how to play he then taught himself how to read music to allow himself to play a wider variety of banjo music.

Not being content enough with that he then went on to start building them. This in turn deepened his passion for all things musical and now offers his customers the choice and uniqueness of choosing their own design of Banjo, Guitar or Mandolin . Alan uses only solid hardwoods in the building of his instruments.

He believes this adds to the beauty and uniqueness of his banjos. Alan does not use veneers in the making of his fine handcrafted Banjos, Guitars & Mandolins.

Al’s instruments are from start to finish handcrafted. He pays extreme attention to each and every detail. Each instrument has a different design than the last, but always superior quality.
Every customer likes to be different whether it be their initials in the pearl work or
something else that is of significance to them.

Alan will always do his best to please.